Belgian National Crisis Centre

Ives Van Haute works for the NCCN (Belgian National Crisis Centre).

The National Crisis Center makes a national risk assessment and is the (inter)national contact point for critical infrastructures.

The National Crisis Center (NCCN) is at the service of various government authorities and emergency services 24/7.

The National Crisis Center operates 24/7, ensures the protection of people and institutions and monitors events.

The National Crisis Center prepares national emergency plans and provides local support.

Since January 2018, the National Crisis Center has been collecting and processing data on passengers travelling trough international transport analysing passenger data in the fight against terrorism and serious and organised crime.

The National Crisis Center develops procedures and tools to ensure smooth communication before and during an emergency.

Ives Van Haute is coordinator European and International Funds and Projects within the Directorate International Affairs of the Belgian National Crisis Centre.

Previously Ives was coordinator of the Bullseye project for the NCCN where harmonised procedures were created for first responders in case of a CBRNe incident and where certification for EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs) was established.

Soon a new project called PREPAREU will start in which risk communication in case of an emergency towards the population will be optimised by organising preparedness weeks in different EU Member States.