“first RESponder-Centered support toolkit for operating in adverse and infrastrUcture-less EnviRonments”


RESCUER aims to design and develop a First-Responder-centered technology toolkit that will empower the next generation of First Responders (FR) by enhancing their operational capacity and safety, specifically in adverse conditions, both environmental and infrastructure-wise.

Adopting the “HERO” (enHanced nEw eRa first respOnder) concept, RESCUER will deliver a toolkit offering:

1.     Sense augmentation,

2.    Precise and infrastructure-less self-positioning,

3.    Cognitive support and multi-sense AR interfaces,

4.    Robust ad-hoc intra-team communications for both verbal and data exchanges.

RESCUER will also introduce the capability of extracting environment information “in situ and infrastructure-wise.

Enhancing the first responders capability

RESCUER plans to augment and extend human senses, intervening in all stages of the sensing pipeline, following an approach inspired from human physiology: from the collection of sensory input signals, to their transduction to the appropriate nodes, to their processing and communication, culminating in augmented perception capability

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