Dr. Emma Teodoro

Dr. Emma Teodoro received her PhD degree in Political Science and Public Law in 2015 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain. Currently, she is a senior researcher at the Institute of Law and Technology (IDT-UAB) housed at the UAB Law Faculty. She has a wide expertise assessing ethical and legal implications of data-driven technologies of EU FP7/H2020 in the field of Security, Justice and Industry projects such as: CAPER (261712-FP7-SEC-2010-1), SAVASA (285621-FP7- SEC- 2011-1), PREACT– (607881-FP7-SEC-2013.7.2-1); TAKEDOWN – (700688-H2020-FCT- 2015), SPIRIT– (686993-SEC-12-FCT-2016-2017); LYNX (780602-H2020-ICT-14-2016-2017); ITFLOWS  (882986-H2020-SU-BES 01-2018-2019-2020), and OPTIMAI (958264-H2020-(IA)DT-FOF-11-2020). Her participation in EU projects focussed on identifying EU/National ethical and legal applicable framework; assessing the potential risks posed by the foreseen research activities from an ethical, legal and social perspective; setting up a monitoring and enforcement strategy to ensure that the outcomes project comply with the legal, ethical and societal requirements identified for the project; and providing continuous legal and ethical advice and support to the project’s Consortium. She also serves as independent ethics advisor of the Ethical Advisory Boards in EU Security projects.

Besides, her research areas cover legal organizations, judicial systems, ethnography of legal institutions and legal organizations, audiovisual ethics codes of professional practices, law and image, privacy and data protection. As senior researcher of the IDT-UAB she is also able to contribute significantly to the organization of specialized Workshops, and the dissemination of the project findings and results through scientific publications and presentations in the main Data Protection and Law & Technology Conferences and Workshops (EDPD, EDPP, IVR, Jurix, ICAIL, AICOL).