Doctor at SUMMA 112

Alberto Montarelo is an emergency doctor at SUMMA 112 in Madrid (Spain) with 30 years’ experience. He has been involved in the design, implementation and delivery of teaching programmes related to specialist medical training and postgraduate university training (Universidad CEU San Pablo, Universidad Camilo José Cela or Universidad Internacional de Catalunya). In 2010, he founded TASSICA Emergency Training & Research, a benchmark in emergency medicine research and training in Spain, and is currently its Managing Director. His main area of research is the response of emergency services to mass casualty incidents and disasters. He was the main developer of the standardised TASSICA triage cards, which are widely used in Spain by various emergency services. In addition to having authored or co-authored several books, papers and scientific presentations, he has participated as a researcher in the H2020 VALKYRIES project and as a member of the External Advisory Board in other Horizon Europe projects.