During the Pre-pilot on 27th to 29th of March 2023 ISAR and DLR performed tests in the mountain area using a cable car and a chairlift to the top of a mountain (Telecabined’Orelle, Francoz (900m) – Plan Bouchet (2352m) – Cime de Caron (3200m)).  The tool could be tested in hazardous conditions: it was snowing, there was fog, it was also windy and partially sunny/covered with clouds. Moreover, there were some snow tunnels, where the tool could be tested under approximately 1-2 meter of snow. The tool was tested with the antenna on the helmet. A path of the whole mountain walk including a cable car and a chairlift ride obtained by the tool hardware on a custom smartphone app (Udruid) could be successfully demonstrated. The path could be shown to the FR using the app in real time and it was observed that it performed very well also within the cable car, within the chairlift, under snow, in tunnels built for pedestrians, and on top of the mountain under a metal construction – all including changes in the weather conditions.

Left: The foggy weather conditions on top of the mountain; Right: The FR in front of a pedestrian tunnel

Left: The FR wearing the tool while it was snowing; Middle: The FR in a snow tunnel; Right: The real time visualization of the path on the Udruid app of the smartphone

Left: Whole Walk extracted recently from the measurement data; Middle: Zoom out of Plan Bouchet area; Right:Zoom out of Cime de Caron area. One can clearly distinguish between the two chairlift paths even though the FR was sitting in a metallic chairlift. The figures are created with Google Earth.