First Responders @Researchnight in Austria

Why getting involved in research from citizens’ and practitioners’ perspective? Following the invitation of #exploREsearch organizers Austrian Red Cross National Disaster Management and Research team presented two Horizon2020 funded projects out of more than 20 ongoing national and international funded projects.

Carina Pussnig, project manager at Austrian Red Cross, shared 18 minutes of insight, how and why the Austrian Red Cross participates in national and international funded research projects within the Disaster management and Resilience cycle (DRS) and therefor chose to give insight to RESCUER project as well as PANDEM-2 project.  Carina underlined the involvement as first responder organization in specification of requirements for RESCUER tools as well as the evaluation in hand-on trials in the field. The audience was further interested in the added value of international exchange as well as transformation into daily operations.

Hundreds of live streamers listened to Carina Pussnig and the story about research for practitioners and more than 1.000 followers streamed or watched the researchersnight-web-channel so far.

Missed the presentation? No worries you may watch again here (ARC part starting 01:16:38)

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ARC, Oct 10th 2022