On 27 September 2022, CS Group, DLR, University of Greenwich and SDIS 73 gathered at the ENSOSP (Aix-en-Provence, France) to carry out a Field Trial on the following RESCUER modules:

  • AR Interfaces: about 15 first responders were equipped with HoloLens2 and CS Group and ENSOSP trained them on using the device through a prototype of the RESCUER AR interfaces;
  • Galileo and Inertial Localisation: first responders were equipped with DLR localization device and were asked to walk from outside to inside different spots. They were followed by UoG with a mobile phone to record localization data. The raw data will be later processed to check its accuracy.
  • Enhanced Hearing: first responders tested the comfortability / invasiveness of three different Bragi’s earbuds prototypes with and without a helmet

A series of valuable feedbacks were provided by the testers on those three RESCUER applications, to be used to guide the development process of the RESCUER toolkit.