Laval Virtual’s 2022 edition (12-14th April) has gathered once again professionals from all over the world around the passionate topic of XR. This unique event, focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, is the opportunity for the international XR community to discuss the latest trends, discover promising start-ups, test avant-garde projects and listen to the biggest experts in the field.

CS GROUP, a beneficiary of the H2020 RESCUER Project, in charge of developing the AR interfaces, has had the opportunity to attend Laval Virtual and share the RESCUER Project video with the event participants. The overall concept of the project, which aims to develop a First-Responder-centered technology toolkit designed to empower the next generation of First Responders (FR), has raised interest among attendees.

Furthermore, the possible use of Augmented Reality as a means to enhance FR’ operational capacity and safety, specifically in adverse conditions, attracts a lot of attention and brings us one step forward in imagining a safer future where the latest innovations play a key role in FR’ everyday challenge to save lives while guaranteeing their own safety.